Please partner with us in support of mothers in Williamson County by becoming a sponsor of the next A Day for Moms Conference. Your financial contribution will help us provide education and support to moms while keeping their registration costs low. What you get in return is recognition as a company or individual that supports mothers and families in Williamson County.

You can also help by donating in-kind items for A Day For Moms Conferences:

  1. Swag bags
  2. Swag bag gifts/contents
  3. Door prizes
  4. Keynote speaker
  5. Program design and layout
  6. Program printing
  7. Event planner/administrative
  8. Volunteers at conference
  9. Bottled water
  10. Television time
  11. Radio spots
  12. Advertising
  13. Keynote/Speaker sponsors
  14. Continental Breakfast
  15. Lunch
  16. Afternoon snack
  17. Venue (Rabb House, Round Rock – $2,375)
  18. Journals and pens
  19. Centerpieces (approximately 16, 60”   round tables)
  20. Lanyards and name tags
  21. Directional lawn signs

It’s Easy to Get Involved