Case For Support

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Studies show that there are 7 key factors that help mothers achieve, maintain or improve a sense of wellbeing, especially during the 18-month postnatal period:

  1. Support from family members, especially the husband and maternal mother
  2. Peer support (ie, in person, by telephone, or online ) with someone who has had experience with the mother’s situation, (i.e., postpartum depression)
  3. Networking with other mothers
  4. Exercise and being outdoors
  5. Help with household chores and parenting duties
  6. Parenting education focusing on parenting efficacy and self-confidence
  7. Rest

While it takes many minds and hands to make major improvements in the well-being of moms, MomCare Network focuses upon providing education, peer support and camaraderie. MomCare Network is also creating an online central data base of resources for moms.

Download our Case for Support PDF.

A Day for Moms Case for Support graphic