Journaling Can Relieve Mom Stress (Part II)

Something transformative happens when you journal. It’s a cathartic experience that moves low feelings from the mind to the paper. Here’s an interesting article by Sammie Scott for Postpartum Progress. Sammie talks about self-care not just being about the body, but the mind as well. Journaling was the key to helping her feel whole again. How Writing The Truth About … Read More

What a mom needs during the first few weeks and months postpartum

I wish I had known what to ask for after I had my daughter. Looking back, the biggest help for me would have been someone to watch the baby while I napped. I wouldn’t have tried to play Super Woman. Here’s one mom’s list of a few small things that would have meant the world to her. What did/would you find helpful … Read More


As a mom, it’s easy to become frustrated and impatient. You pour everything into your child and do everything you think you’re supposed to be doing a good mom. But sometimes, you wonder if you’re missing the boat because all you see is tantrums, talk-backs and messes. You teach and pray and read what the “experts” say but your efforts … Read More

You’re doing just fine.

When my daughter was a baby, I used to panic at the thought of being completely responsible for her well being. Yes, I played God. I placed an enormous (and unnecessary) amount of pressure on myself. Now that she is older, and I am wiser, I can say that as moms, we do our part by loving and nurturing our … Read More

You Can Be More Joyful

One of the traps that keeps moms from enjoying the motherhood journey more is worry – especially worry that you don’t have what it takes to measure up. Well, let’s ask this question: Who’s holding the measuring stick? We give way too much power to others who will define our effectiveness and worth if we let them. As I look … Read More