Confessions of an Imperfect Mom

  Over the first few years of my child’s life, I tried to be the perfect mom, or at least what I imagined was perfection. I drove myself crazy and into depression, doubting my ability. I was so afraid that I’d forget how long it had been since I’d given her the last dose of fever reducer. Or that I’d cause … Read More

You’re doing just fine.

When my daughter was a baby, I used to panic at the thought of being completely responsible for her well being. Yes, I played God. I placed an enormous (and unnecessary) amount of pressure on myself. Now that she is older, and I am wiser, I can say that as moms, we do our part by loving and nurturing our … Read More

Permission to Breathe

You want someone to know you, really know you and accept you. Not just as a mom but as a person. But exposing yourself is scary. What will people think if they saw all the insecure and imperfect parts of me? The truth is that all of us moms look over our shoulder from time to time, wondering if others … Read More